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STEAMTeam 5: STEM/STEAM Book for Girls

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STEAMTEAM 5: The Beginning is a children’s book that tells the story of five amazing girls who use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to do amazing things.

But this is much more than just a book. It’s the beginning of a movement to attract girls to careers in STEM/STEAM. This book is the first volume of a fictional universe built around these characters, designed to grow so that they can serve as ongoing role models for young girls.

Girl Scout Leaders, request a review copy of the book and a free Troop Activity Kit. Here’s what test readers are saying:

The first chapter captures your attention so you want to keep reading to see what will happen next. The storyline seamlessly integrates scientific terms in a way that introduces STEAM concepts without seeming like you’re reading a school textbook. Great character development. The use of science, technology, engineering, art, and math by the SteamTeam5 is innovative. The girls use their strengths and skills throughout the book in new and exciting ways. The story has twists and turns that lead you to unexpected places and spark the imagination. ~ Shambi Broome – Founder, Webgyrlz Code

I loved the mystery and hearing about lots of maths and science ideas. I want to know more about the people the girls mentioned in the library. I’m looking forward to the next book already! ~ Max, Age 8

I like how they work as a team. Treeka’s drone was really clever. Sandia makes cool things. I want to be a scientist just like Sandia. ~ Bea, Age 6

It’s actually the first book both the kids have liked for a while. We all loved reading a book that gives you a little introduction to lots of different STEAM ideas. It made my kids want to research for more information, which I think is fantastic! We all also liked that the girls are all clever and brave. We look forward to the next instalment and finding out more!! ~ Jo

I love being a grandma. You can tell your grandkids all day long to reach for the stars. This book backs that up. I pledged to get a few books because I want my granddaughters and grandsons to read it. The boys need to respect the girls and their accomplishments. A win win. ~Sunny

It was such a delight to follow along with the STEAMTeam 5 as they take on their first adventure. My boys were eager to read the book because they were excited about the team using new technology, like drones, to solve mysteries. Finally, a smart series that uses science and current gadgets to problem solve. High fives to Pam and Greg for shattering gender stereotypes where it’s most needed. ~ Lisa

My daughter isn’t a big reader, but she absolutely loved STEAMTeam 5! Read the whole thing in a day. The first question she had after finishing it was “When is book two coming out?” Hurry up with book #2, you guys! ~ Tina

Greg and K

When my daughter was born, like many parents, my wife and I were concerned about what the world would look like when she grows up. Will there even BE jobs? We decided to take the responsibility upon ourselves to make sure she was prepared for any possible future.

“Science, technology, engineering, and math” — STEM. It’s all you hear about these days. But I soon became painfully aware of the shortage of STEM/STEAM role models and stories aimed specifically at young girls.

I work from home and have the flexibility to take an active role in my daughter’s education. From a very early age, we’ve taught her to ask lots of questions, solve problems creatively, build things, use computers, and have a blast while doing it!

I’m taking the opportunity to teach her self-reliance and empowerment through directed playtime. When we play with her Barbies, I weave in stories in which the dolls used STEAM “superpowers” to do cool stuff, like rescuing animals, solving problems, inventing products, and starting companies. My daughter no longer asks to play dolls; she asks “Can we play Company?”

Whenever my wife or I mention these stories to parents, their eyes light up, and they want to know how they could get these stories for their own kids.

My long-time friend and business partner, Pam Metivier, is a gifted writer and online marketer extraordinaire. We started a new company to write and launch STEAMTEAM 5 so that parents everywhere can inspire their daughters with great role models.

Our mission is to make STEAMTEAM 5 a household name among parents. Our book, “The Beginning,” is just that. Pam and I welcome you to join us on this mission!

— Greg Helmstetter

Fun House

Fun House

STEAMTeam 5: Sandia ScientistSandia Scientist
Sandia loves astronomy, quantum physics, chemistry, biology, forensics, exploring, and solving mysteries. She is always asking questions, testing her assumptions, and loves doing experiments to prove herself wrong. She enjoys surfing with her dog, Phyto.

STEAMTeam 5: Treeka TechnologistTreeka Technologist
Treeka (Teresa) has been taking stuff apart and programming since age four, when she modified her toy talking teddy bear to say “good idea, Treeks” no matter what she said. She loves puzzles, cryptography, lock picking, and meditation. Her favorite programming language is a secret, but she does know the air-speed velocity of an unladen African swallow.

STEAMTeam 5: Evelyn EngineerEvelyn Engineer
Evelyn has been tinkering and inventing things since before she could talk. She loves cars, airplanes, robotics, boobytraps, and scuba diving. She always carries a multi-tool, can fix just about anything, and she’s a national champion at building miniature medieval siege weapons out of matchsticks.

STEAMTeam 5: Ariana ArtistAriana Artist
Ariana loves designing and creating in any medium, including drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry making, Photoshop, 3D animation, and electronic music. Her web design business funds her passion for travel photography. She likes spaghetti westerns and her favorite Dutch Master is Vermeer.

STEAMTeam 5: Mattie MathematicianMattie Mathematician
Mattie (Madeline) has loved numbers and logic for as long as she can remember. She is fascinated by patterns in nature and likes to explain herself with diagrams on napkins and whiteboards. She plays guitar, knows Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and suspects that the universe is a simulation.

STEAMTeam 5: Mystery Member???
STEAMTEAM 5 has a mystery member, to be announced. We’ll be asking fans to suggest names, so sign up for email alerts and stay tuned!


Pam is a partner at Monsoon Strategy, whose clients include Apple, Amazon.com, Intel, Hitachi, TASER International, Cold Stone Creamery, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Group, and the Phoenix Art Museum. She specializes in product marketing, strategic marketing, and customer acquisition and retention. She previously co-founded two Silicon Valley startups and wrote the bestselling “Affiliate Selling: Building Revenue on the Web.” She and her 10-year-old son live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Greg is a partner at Monsoon Strategy, which specializes in product marketing, marketing strategy, and investor market validation and due diligence. He was previously co-founder and CEO of myGoals.com and co-founder of CrossCommerce. He received his MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School. He lives with his wife and daughter in Carefree, Arizona.

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